Peak's North Slope operation in Prudhoe Bay provides services to oil companies such as ConocoPhillips, BP, Exxon, Eni, Brooks Range and Anadarko. With the most reliable equipment and experienced operators our reputation precedes us when it comes to crane services, ice road construction, drilling support, and general civil work. Our strong commitment to quality service combined with a flexible approach allows us to effectively meet the needs of our customers.


In the summer of 2010 Peak continued a multi-year crane support project with Eni, setting over 100 large modules at the new Oliktok Point and Spy Island Facilities. In order to increase Peak's lifting capacity for the project, Peak's Manitowoc 4600 was upgraded from a Series IV to Series V. In a joint effort with Nabors Alaska Drilling, Peak provided trucking and crane support to BP for the demobilization of Nabors Rig 33E from Northstar Island to Deadhorse. Peak provided barging support for Exxon's Point Thomson project as well as to Doyon Drilling for the offloading and moving of Doyon Rig 25. Peak continued to provide drilling and trucking support services to ConocoPhillips, Eni, BP and others, and continues to move the majority of drill rigs on the North Slope.


While Peak places a strong emphasis on our ice road construction and rig moving services, we also provide a host of other valuable services to the North Slope, including Ford Warranty Repair, light and heavy duty maintenance services, light and heavy load hauling, and call out services from one of the largest and most diversified equipment fleets on the Slope.


Our Deadhorse location includes a 200 man camp, office facilities, equipment repair and maintenance shop, welding shop, fabrication shop, carpenter shop, paint & sand blast shop, materials warehouse, tire repair shop, steam cleaning and wash facility, fueling facility, and portable buildings for off-site work.

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