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Peak Oilfield Services has a long track record of many mechanical projects. With a large work force of certified welders, fitters, equipment operators, etc., Peak can handle any size project. As with the civil work, Peak also has the necessary staffing to complete the work force make up. With experienced foramens, superintendents and managers, Peak can complete time critical work in a safe and professional manner. Some of our services include:

• QA/QC Management

• Document Controls

• Certified Welding

    • Tig

    • Stick

   • Chrome

   • HDPE

• Rig Support

• Turn-a-Round Work

• Vessel Repair - ASME R Stamp - Repair and Alteration of Pressure Vessels

• DOT Tank Alteration and Repair

• Hydro Testing

• Hot Taps

• OQ Qualified Pipeline Personal

• Well Tie-ins

• Smart Pigging

• DOT OQ Certified Personel - Maintenace and Construction

• Inhouse NACE, CWI, UT Certified Inspectors



Cook Inlet - Mechanical Construction Services

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